Your survival guide to wedding expos!

Ladies and gentlemen, engaged couples, or maybe not yet… but you know its coming!! 

Here is your survival guide to surviving wedding expos! 

Wedding expo’s can be daunting!! Eagar vendors jumping out at you everywhere just waiting to meet you and hear all about your big day!! So my tips for you are…

1. Coffee!!!!

If you can’t beat them join them! 

These wedding vendors have been up early setting up and have no doubt had several coffees but not only that, they have also got the love bug, and they are obsessed with love and helping make your big day special and unique!! So get on their (our) level!! And drink up before you get there!! 

2. Get a map!

Open your show bag and get out the map, try and do a whole loop of the entire expo so you don’t miss that amazing vendor that will make your day that extra special. 

3. Take a pen and note book!

Be organised and write down anything that really caught your eye because at the end of the expo you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, so if you have a few little notes written down this might help remind you of the perfect vendor you need to get in touch with! But also remember that is what your tribe is for, if your bringing some of your bridal party along get them to write things down for you!! #maidslave

4. EAT!!! 

There are always amazing food vendors at these incredible events, so taste some of there yummy food and drink so you can really get an idea of how good it all tastes because that might be the perfect addition to your menu! 

5. You’ve gotta be in it to win it! 

Enter all of the competitions because you may be lucky enough to win some amazing prizes! 

6. Take your time!

Make a day of it, there is a lot to take in and plenty of amazing wedding vendors to meet, so take your time, have many food and drink breaks and meet as many people as you can to find the right fit for your big day!

Good luck, I can’t wait to see you this Sunday at Sunshine Coast Wedding Expo!

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Bernadette Munro

Bernadette Munro

I love meeting all of my couples so I can get to know them more intimately. Its important for you to get to know me too and figure out if I am the right fit for your big day.

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