Get to know your celebrant! 

Lovers, when you’re thinking about booking your marriage celebrant think about what you’re like and get someone that will complement you both. You need to find a celebrant that you instantly connect with, where your conversation flows and your thoughts gel. Especially thoughts and ideas regarding your ceremony. You need to be on the same page otherwise you may not like what they deliver on the day! Remember they are up the front representing you on the day!
So make sure you research who they are and what their style is so it matches yours. 

Remember you need to feel comfortable with them, as they will be standing rite next to you as you make an intimate and heartfelt commitment. 
So, envision that celebrant guiding you through your ceremony and when you chat over the phone or meet in person figure out if you get the rite vibe from them, and if you make an instant connection I would say your on the rite track! 
Trust me, you will know when you have found the one! 😉 

Throughout my time as a marriage celebrant I have definitely developed a style of ceremony that reflects me and I like to call it modern romance. 

Let me explain..

I am young at heart! I feel like although I may have a few more obvious wrinkles than you.. I can relate, I have had many interesting and wonderful life experiences and I have lived an adventurous life and along the way I have met some amazing people from all walks of life so I feel I am able to adapt to help collaborate with you to create your perfect ceremony. 
I love developing new ideas and working with people who want to do something a little off the cuff! So throw your ideas at me baby, and I’ll throw a million back! I have also officiated a lot of ceremonies now, and each one unique, so developing your ideal ceremony is all part of the process with me and I can’t wait to help you set the tone for your wedding day! 

I’m a hopeless romantic!! So, in your ceremony I like to add stories of your relationship, your engagement and your dreams for the future! 
And if someone even hints their engagement was captured on video!!! I’ll be the first to put my hand up to watch it!! 
I love nothing more than to hear all the juicy deets!! Watch the proposal video, see the sparkly ring, chat bridal gowns!!

Oh! I love it all!! So don’t hold back! 

Although I love a Disney princess movie with a happily ever after, I do not live in a fairy tale and am always so honoured when couples open up to me with their real and raw stories that made them the couple they are a today! 

I suppose, that’s where my modern comes back into it.. because I know, no love story is perfect, each will have its highs, lows and all that’s in between.. it’s how you face the lows and the mediocre moments as a team and how you come out the other side as a stronger, more resilient couple ready to celebrate the highs! 

There is more to a celebrant than signing on the dotted line, they need to be a friend, someone you can trust and confide in! So, please- find a celebrant that will capture your love the way you see it.

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Bernadette Munro

Bernadette Munro

I love meeting all of my couples so I can get to know them more intimately. Its important for you to get to know me too and figure out if I am the right fit for your big day.

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