Now is the perfect time to plan a wedding!!

Let’s talk Coronavirus!

Lots has been happening in the world this year, and technically  last year too since this hectic pandemic officially started last year, COVID19!!! It has been a hard time for lots of engaged couples that had plans to get married and had to make the decision to reschedule, cancel or elope. I had couples that were travelling interstate to get married at their dream location, I had other couples that just couldn’t see themselves getting married without their 10 bridesmaids and others that had family travelling from overseas. The hardest thing for these poor couples was that the restrictions were changing daily!!! Over a month there were restrictions on the number of guests which changed several times, then there were restrictions on social distancing, then within a week, couples were slammed with strict rules, venues closing, a MAXIMUM of 5 people including the celebrant at your wedding!!! Making it impossible for couples to have the big wedding they had planned. My heart went out to all of these couples, trying to re-organise all of their vendors and secure the dates they wanted before they were too late! 

While we are all trapped inside it really is the perfect time to be planning a wedding!! 

For those of you that are still in the planning process, get your date locked in as soon as you can with the key people;

Me, of course, your celebrant– because what is a wedding without a celebrant!

Your venue because you want to get married in your ideal location,

And your photographer!! Because you want to capture your beautiful day with the best. 

At least if you have all of that sorted you can then plan the rest around it! 

For those of you that only just decided to start planning, my advice would be the same, 2021 is going to be a VERY busy year for everyone in the wedding industry and A LOT of couples will be rescheduling their weddings, so get in quick if you have a date in mind as they will be booking up fast!!!

I must say, that COVID19 did give a lot of perspective to couples, making them realise what was most import to them. Couples eloped without even wearing the dress of their dreams, they didn’t walk down the aisle to music in their ideal venue, they didn’t even have a photographer capturing these unforgettable moments! Couples realising that the commitment was what they wanted and that was that! But then on the other hand so many of my couples rescheduled, knowing that they just wanted to create that dream wedding they had discussed and they just couldn’t do it without their nearest and dearest!!   

And each ceremony being as equally meaningful because in the end you will get married to your special person and that is what matters most!

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Bernadette Munro

Bernadette Munro

I love meeting all of my couples so I can get to know them more intimately. Its important for you to get to know me too and figure out if I am the right fit for your big day.

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